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Chloë Proctor |  
is a London-based poet. Her work is situated in response to experimental and conceptual contemporary poetics. She considers her practice to exist in the chthonic realm of involuting soil poetics [read Donna Haraway]. She is interested in interjections, clashing discourses, diversions, soil and fungus. She is also a massage therapist at Kyema.

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Chloë’s work has appeared in
- Azimuth, the Ecology of an Ear (ed. Patrick Farmer, Sonic Art Research Unit)
- Alterity (Centre for Alterity Studies)
- Contemporary Poetry Series: Nature & Language (Corbel Stone Press)
- Bedford 10: New Writing from the Royal Holloway Creative Writing Programme (Poetics Research Centre, Royal Holloway)

and she has performed at
- Theatre of Failure, London
- with Crested Tit Collective, Poetry Cafe, London
- Small Publishers Fair, Conway Hall, London.